Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This illustration is part of a "secret" personal project I am working on. I will post more images when the entire project is finished.

UPDATE: Below I changed the color of the hair and sweater. I must point out that something is happening to the image when uploading to Blogger. The colors shift a lot and are desaturated. The originals look much better . Anyone else having this problem?


Mr. Vandemar said...

you drew that. that's awesome/. nice pic

mrcichonboy said...


Aaron said...

is the secret project for mf doom?

Trevor Piecham said...

I wish this was for MF Doom because then I would be getting paid for it. It is actually for a personal project. Hopefully I will be done soon for me and my girlfriends sake.

BTW- I love your caricatures!