Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vote for my Radiohead storyboard!

Last night I submitted my storyboard for a contest on Contestants pick any song off of Radioheads latest album "In Rainbows" and create a storyboard. People can view and vote on these until April 27. Then based on the votes and some other criteria a panel of judges pick 10 semi-finalist to move on to the next stage. These 10 semi-finalists get $1,000 each to animate a minute of their storyboard. On June 9 voting on these animated segments end and 5 finalists are chosen. These 5 finalists are then presented to Radiohead. Radiohead picks one to be completed and the winner gets $10,000 to finish the video. Sounds pretty damn sweet! I am usually not big on contests but this one sounds legit. It is all non-exclusive and they even give you a percentage of royalties the site makes off of your video and any merchandise if they made any.

See my storyboard for Radioheads "15 Steps" here:

Vote for it if you like, but I think you have to sign up and become a member, which is free and only takes a minute or two.

I conceived of my idea right before I went on a week long vacation and when I got back I only gave myself a few days to complete it. Since the criteria for going on to the next stage involves online votes before April 27, I wanted to make sure it was online for at least 10 days to accumulate some votes. Even though the time frame to create something was extremely short, I had a lot of fun squeezing out a weird idea using very crude drawings to capture my story. This will definitely be the next film I animate even if it doesn't win.