Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Painting From My Darker Side

This watercolor painting (19" x 23") was inspired from my darker demons. I tend to go there when imagining ideas. Creating this painting was sort of like therapy for me in two ways. The later half of 2007 was one of the sadder times in my life. This painting allowed me to release stress and get out some of the uglier emotions that reside within me. It also forced me to get back to my roots of illustration and create something that exists outside of the computer. I love mixing and layering colors in reality. For me I have a hard time painting digitally and can't quite get the same result as I would with real medium. Plus I am more likely to create art in my off hours if I don't have to sit in front of a computer. I animate on a computer all day at the day job and it feels so good to draw on paper when I get home.

This is the first of many paintings I plan on creating for possible gallery shows. I am thinking of creating limited edition fine art prints if anyone is interested.


Matt H said...

Good stuff as always dude.

mrcichonboy said...

Sweet ride man! Keep using the dark side.

love the color